Linux is the New Drugs

Linux are a robust operating system. Done by many people and communities from various parts of the world with one common interest: creating a better computing system for the world.

Perkembangan Musikal Dangdut

Dangdut adalah musik yang cair. Ia mengalir mengikuti arus zaman. Dangdut tetap bertahan di tengah gempuran tren musik lain. Dangdut tampaknya akan tetap bertahan, dan terus berkembang hingga jauh di hari esok.


Photos of eating and food on social media will indeed portray us more cool in the presence of global villagers. Being cool is a means of generation 2.0 looking happy. But it is worth pondering, what if the coolness is hypocracy? A kind of our self-esteem to cover up the fact that there are actually still many things about humanity that we miss talking about behind the beauty of the food picture.

On Protest Song

What is hard to understand is why the simple tones and stanzas of protest songs are not able to thrill the common sense of policy makers — and the general public at large — that there is unrighteousness happening around us.

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