Selamat Jalan Seniman Mbeling Remy Sylado

Kita bisa mengamini kredo mbeling yang Remy suarakan: nakal boleh, tapi dibarengi dengan pintar, bukan urakan. Remy Sylado akan selalu dikenang sebagai sosok yang istimewa. Sosok yang serba bisa dan eksentrik pula. Sosok yang ketika menulis benar-benar melakukan riset yang serius, lalu tanpa tedeng aling-aling menuangkan hasil risetnya tersebut dalam sebuah tulisan yang terkadang akan terbaca pedas.

Power-Relation in Dangdut: How Dangdut is Used as a Medium for Political Campaigns in Indonesia

This paper aims to comprehend how power relation occurs on dangdut usage as political campaign media. The locus will be hold in Yogyakarta, which focus is laid on dangdut group titled Gilas OBB which once asked by one political party to be on stage along with the party campaign.


Photos of eating and food on social media will indeed portray us more cool in the presence of global villagers. Being cool is a means of generation 2.0 looking happy. But it is worth pondering, what if the coolness is hypocracy? A kind of our self-esteem to cover up the fact that there are actually still many things about humanity that we miss talking about behind the beauty of the food picture.