How to Listen to Music in the Contemporary Age

That's the reason I often leave Spotify lately and prefer to listen to a collection of physical releases or FLAC format music on my laptop. The seventy million songs on Spotify is too big a universe for me to explore at all. So, I changed the way I listen to music in this contemporary era. Back to analog format, for the convenience of listening to better music.

Dialita Choir and The Struggle to Fight the Nation’s Amnesia

Despite the regime change, Dialita's music may not be able to eradicate the stigma and eliminate the culture impunity. However, was not Dialita's original goal to target the younger generation? So, by listening to Dialita songs, we should be more historically literate and become more aware of our history. As founding president Soekarno once stated: “Never forget history”. We should never forget the 1965 humanitarian tragedy.

Power-Relation in Dangdut: How Dangdut is Used as a Medium for Political Campaigns in Indonesia

This paper aims to comprehend how power relation occurs on dangdut usage as political campaign media. The locus will be hold in Yogyakarta, which focus is laid on dangdut group titled Gilas OBB which once asked by one political party to be on stage along with the party campaign.