How We Really Miss Music Concerts During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced music concerts to shift from the big stage to the small screen. Can an online music concert beat the sensation of watching a live music concert?

Spotify as a Surveillance Capitalism Tool

To avoid being trapped in this vicious circle of music uniformity on Spotify, we must also undergo active behavior while surfing on Spotify. This means not only passively and simply listening to music. We must listen actively. Observe carefully every music we listen to, how it is arranged, then look for more information about the musicians, music, and albums we listen to. Who composes the song, who is the producer, what is the issue to be conveyed, and so on.

Miss Americana: Taylor Swift dan Lika-Liku Kehidupannya

Siapa sih yang tidak mengenal Taylor Swift? Meski anda tidak pernah mendengarkan musiknya, setidaknya anda pasti pernah melihat sekali dua kali namanya muncul di linimasa twitter anda. Atau, salah satu atau dua lagunya pasti pernah nyempil di senarai musik Spotify yang anda dengarkan. Walau barangkali lagu itu anda skip, yang jelas ia ada. Eksis di sana.