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Photos of eating and food on social media will indeed portray us more cool in the presence of global villagers. Being cool is a means of generation 2.0 looking happy. But it is worth pondering, what if the coolness is hypocracy? A kind of our self-esteem to cover up the fact that there are actually still many things about humanity that we miss talking about behind the beauty of the food picture.

On Music and Artificial Intelligence

When AI was born, its ability to take over the work of composing music was also discovered. Logically, music is a mathematics and algorithmic calculation. Thus, AI can easily take over this job.

Mendengarkan Musik

Musik memiliki peran sentral dalam perkara emosional manusia. Dengan mendengar musik secara pasif, barangkali ini akan menjadi kebiasaan yang tertanam pada diri kita: menjadi sosok yang pasif. Kebalikannya, dengan mendengarkan musik secara aktif, diri kita akan terdidik untuk lebih aktif menyikapi berbagai hal dalam hidup.

On Yuval Noah Harari Trilogy

Short review about the best seller trilogy. Without a doubt, Yuval Noah Harari has become a global celebrity in the book world. And his fame is now increase on the grandeur scale. Hence, I need to review his works. Although this review is so short and, um, shallow.