Mencari Tuhan bersama Kelompok Kampungan

Mendengarkan album monumental ini akan mengajak kita mencari Tuhan bersama Kelompok Kampungan. Perkara kalau nanti sudah ketemu Tuhan mau bagaimana, itu menjadi keputusan pribadi masing-masing orang. Selamat mencari Tuhan bersama Kelompok Kampungan.

Power-Relation in Dangdut: How Dangdut is Used as a Medium for Political Campaigns in Indonesia

This paper aims to comprehend how power relation occurs on dangdut usage as political campaign media. The locus will be hold in Yogyakarta, which focus is laid on dangdut group titled Gilas OBB which once asked by one political party to be on stage along with the party campaign.