Rethinking the Benefits of Music

I thought about this for a long time: what is the use of music to humans and humanity? Is music just entertainment, a secondary matter that appears as an intermezzo in the midst of other life lines such as work, eat, sleep, make love? Or, music is a primary matter, an equally important part of life?

19 Tahun Album Superman is Dead, Kuta Rock City

Di mata saya Superman Is Dead akan tetap menjadi sebuah fenomena sosial yang menarik. Tentang bagaimana band asal Bali ini meruntuhkan patron musik mainstream Indonesia yang Jakartasentris, tentang bagaimana sebuah band asal arus samping (sidestream) mampu mengubah tatanan selera musik di ranah arus utama (mainstream), dan tentang sebagaimana digubah SID dalam “Punk Hari Ini”, punk dan segala simbologinya seperti rambut spike dan lambang anarki telah menyaru dalam banyak lini kehidupan kita.

Power-Relation in Dangdut: How Dangdut is Used as a Medium for Political Campaigns in Indonesia

This paper aims to comprehend how power relation occurs on dangdut usage as political campaign media. The locus will be hold in Yogyakarta, which focus is laid on dangdut group titled Gilas OBB which once asked by one political party to be on stage along with the party campaign.